Wax on Wednesdays More Monotypes on the Gel Press With Some Cool New Tools !

 I decided to do another week of printing on the Gel Press Printing plate for "Wax on Wednesdays" because I found some new cool tools to use with it ! 
 My new favorite thing (besides the hardware store of course :) is hunting for  silicone kitchen tools ! They are absolutely everywhere right now for spring  and they are great for mark making on the Gel Press plate and also the heated palette because they won't scratch . Don't overlook your local dollar store when seeking these out . 
 I also wanted to try out my new favorite medium for using with encaustic and paper on these which is walnut ink. The walnut ink is best as a base layer on the paper itself, starting some interesting marks or patterns and then layering up with the oil pigment sticks . 
Adding layers was the name of the game this week doing multiple pulls on the same paper.

 Supplies I used this week:

I am trying out using some affiliate links  for 2 reasons.
 1. I am often asked where to find the products I am using in the videos this is an easy peasy way for you to locate them . Or, at least see a good picture of what they look like so that you can locate them in your area.
2. "In theory" I would receive a very small commission "if" you purchased the product on the link and this may help me out a tiny bit in  continuing to bring you more great videos each week . I would only ever link to a product that I have found , enjoy, and use in my own art practice so that you can find it too.
 In other words I make the video for you like always , and then I go see if I can locate what I used for a good price on amazon for you .
Then if you choose to use this list as your personal shopper for your convenience,  I may make a few cents back from it . We'll see how it goes , hopefully it is helpful to both of us :)

        gel press.com

gold india ink
silicone kitchen tools 
Hammermill Printer paper 

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

You can also always join me for an entire workshop of printing projects with encaustic and paper in "Encausticology Paper Journey " 
For more details and to register for the forever access workshop

Live Workshops !
Artiscape Columbus Ohio 
April 30 
This is the Sunday encaustic assemblage workshop I will be teaching at Artiscape  in Columbus Ohio.  This workshop has both of my favorite mediums of beautiful organically formed molten metal  and encaustic coming together to create a hand sculpted encaustic assemblage piece. 

seating for these workshops are limited 
click HERE for more info and to register. 

Encaustic Mini Mask Workshop from Shari Replogle on Vimeo.

Blessings to you,

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