May 24, 2017

Wax on Wednesdays A Big Change Up This Week !

 A big changing it up this week ! 
I was initially  drawn to the
 "acrylic pour "
 process because it had such a resemblance in appearance to an "encaustic pour", and " encaustic shellac burn". 
After working with it for a bit , I found that it has the same wonderful characteristic excitement that I love in an abstract process , which is 
"Wow , what will happen next !" 
This excitement is what keeps me coming into the studio each day . 

I decided to share the full process with you on Wax on Wednesdays this week ( even though there is no wax ) . I hope you enjoy the little change and the much longer video for this week . I am not sure if I will keep it permanently up in the Wax on Wednesdays archives or not yet . But it is yours to have fun with and share for at least this month :) 

The second piece pictured below was one I did with the left over paint from the first pour. Exact same colors ,just moved a different way . 

Supplies I used this week : 
Some of the following links are affiliate links where I may receive a few cents back if you purchase them from Amazon using the links below . I am using it both as an easy way for you to find the products( or at least see what they look like :)  and hopefully a way to continue to bring you weekly videos with new techniques and products :) 

If you would like to watch the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

Join me for a full day of  encaustic techniques ! 
I will be teaching a live full day encaustic workshop on June 17 at
 Plaza Art 
Cincinnati Ohio Kenwood center 
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  1. Shari!!!!
    Absolutely stunning results!! I can feel your excitement and see why you do what you do! That color play is just amazing to me!!
    hugs,Jackie xx

  2. Hi Shari, I watched your pouring video on YouTube, and came over to check out your encaustic courses. Out of interest only, as I live in BC, Canada (nowhere even close to near Cincinnati, and am pretty much housebound due to health reasons right now, so would be impossible for me to attend anyway,) I clicked on your June 17th workshop, intrigued to see what you were working on. Unfortunately, the link won't open, and the other couple I have found with regard to it won't either. I also couldn't get the second to last link to your website in your YouTube header to work either, but fortunately, the last one did. I thought you would Iike to know, and as I wanted to look into your online courses, and out of courtesy, chose to leave this comment here, rather than at YouTube. Hopefully, you'll be able to get the links up and running soon! I have not tried encaustic art at all before, but found your channel earlier today and have watched a few of your encaustic art videos, as well as your acrylic pour one. I have been "playing with pouring" lately, and really enjoy it a lot. I I really like your way of teaching, and to say I am intrigued by encaustics is an understatement! I subscribed to your YouTube channel, and am going to "binge watch" your videos! I do hope you leave this acrylic pour video right where it is, even though it's really not a "Wax On" video, as you explain the similarities very well, and who knows, I might not be "the only fish that bites" from the acrylic pouring "world!" Cheers! Laura

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  4. There is no supplies link that I can see. And like Laura above, I found quite a few broken links in your YouTube descriptions. Oddly, I also live in BC, Canada. I wonder...

  5. Hi Shari, I just watched your acrylic paint pouring video on YouTube and loved it! I saw some examples of your pours on Seth Apter's blog...they reminded me a bit of marbling and I immediately looked for your web site to see if you had any info on the techniques you used. I really appreciate your video with such thorough explanations (especially the "warning" to those of us like me, who get overly attached to certain stages of an art piece). I noticed you said in another post that you might start another series, on another day, specifically for acrylic pours. I'm on board as a fan and would love to know if you do so.
    Thanks again for your generosity in sharing your work.


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