Wax on Wednesdays Moving the Wax with Shellac , and New Wax on Wednesday Project Group !

 I have been continuing to explore different methods of the acrylic pouring . This one was a large 24x24 canvas . Hopefully I will get a progress video up for you in the next couple of weeks. I am thinking of posting the acrylic pours on a different day preserving Wednesdays for wax only :)

detail shot of a large acrylic pour. 

This week one of my favorite encaustic techniques , 
"Shellac Burn" !
The use of shellac in encaustic is a huge part of my studio work. The lovely way that it moves the wax creating pigmented cells and veins throughout the piece that can be further built upon with layers of pigment. Each piece becomes a new adventure that delights, and amazes me to see what forms the shellac will bring to the painting. 

This month in the spring issue of "Encaustic Arts Magazine " features many wonderful encaustic artists that have beautiful results with encaustic and shellac . I had the privilege and honor of writing a technique article in this issue and it comes out tomorrow June 1st. I believe the online price for the magazine is just 2.99 which is amazing because it is such a beautiful publication. I am providing a link for it here :

The spring edition will be available tomorrow June 1st :)

Exciting NEWS ! WooT Woot ! 
New Wax on Wednesdays Project Group !

  I have been working on providing a community group for Wax on Wednesdays ! 
This is going to be in the format of a Private Facebook group that can only be viewed with subscription. Here is what you will get if you join the WOW group !

- One bonus Wax on Wednesdays technique video per month that will only ever be available to the WOW group. This video will be more in my workshop format than the quicker Youtube videos where I can describe a little bit more in depth what I am doing and how I am doing it . That is 12 bonus project videos per year exclusive to the WOW group only ! 

-All of the regular Wax on Wednesdays videos will also be posted in the group so that you can go on and ask more in depth questions about that weeks project. 

-Post and share your own photos of your Wax on Wednesdays project with me and the group! 

-Giveaways exclusive to the group of awesome fun supplies I am using that month !

Behind the scenes studio shots and videos throughout the year. 

-Warm friendly sharing community for  encaustic at any level that you are at in your practice beginner or advanced. 

This is a way that I can share more with you and answer more of your questions on each weeks project, and also provide more detailed content with a  bonus project each month! I have been working on developing this for sometime and trying to find the right format. I have decided that Facebook has the easiest interactive format that most people are familiar with using. 

The introductory subscription sale price is only 24.99 for the entire year!!
  Your annual subscription will begin when you sign up  
The 24.99  annual subscription price will last through  July 1st 2017 only. 
This is a special introductory sale for the group . 

The group will open on June 7 , 2017! 
I am so excited to be able to begin this encaustic journey with you ! 

If you would like to join the "WOW" group for the just 24.99 introductory price 
Here is the Pay pal button to register . This is a one time payment for a one year subscription to the group. When your yearly subscription is up you will receive an email invitation to renew your subscription of another year :)

1 year subscription introductory sale through July 1st 2017
You will receive a welcome letter within 24 hours and an invitation to join the group on June 7 . 

Supplies I used this week 
Some of the following links are affiliate links where I may receive a few cents back if you purchase them from Amazon using the links below . I am using it both as an easy way for you to find the products( or at least see what they look like :)  and hopefully a way to continue to bring you weekly videos with new techniques and products :) 

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

Blessings to you, and Happy Creating ! 

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