Wax on Wednesdays Large Print Study with Gel Press Plate and R and F Pigment Sticks

This week it was "Go Big or go home, "
 with a study on 24x24" panel .
I used the  Gel Press printmaking plate as my main  tool for both adding and lifting of  color .
YES , That's right color lifting as well !
 I was quite excited about the prospect of lifting the color back off of the plate leaving pattern behind. This is one area I plan to continue to concentrate on all of the possibilities I see.    
The main focus this week is the ability to  transfer  marks and mono prints  directly onto the painted encaustic surface . 

All of my creating of colors, marks, and patterns were done on the Gel Plate itself and then   transferred by printing them directly onto the prepared encaustic surface. 

The pigments I used this week were R and F Pigment sticks. The reason I chose these with the Gel Plate is that after much experimentation with several other brands of oil paint sticks , these are gentle on the plate itself and blend really nicely on the plate surface. This makes it possible  to blend and create my own color palette on the Gel surface easy and really kind of exciting ! 

I used 2 different sizes of the Gel Press plate for this painting , 12x14" and 5x7" for the smaller details. 

Supplies I used this week :
I like using this Amazon link because it allows you to see photos of the exact items I used. If you purchase them using the links provided to Amazon, I may earn a few cents in commission from it. This does not  raise your price at all and this is the very same price I paid for the item on my Prime :) It does help a little bit in allowing  me to continue to research products for you and bring quality videos each week on Wax on Wednesdays  .

Note for this week : I used a BLick 24x24 panel . I have used the smaller ones from American Easel but have not  tried the larger sizes in this particular brand  . Also I have left a link for the stencils I used in the video which are from Stencil Girl . No commission is earned from those links at all just tell Mary Beth Shari says Hi :)

The stencils I used this week are from Stencil Girl Stencils click below for a link to their catalogue site

Circle Circle  stencil

Random Circle Stencil 

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click

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I cannot say enough about the fun in this group . They are fabulous !

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