Wax on Wednesdays Resist and Remove !

This week some really fun techniques to share with you ! 

Walnut ink is probably my favorite medium this year to used with encaustic. I have become addicted to the variations of color that can be achieved with it by just manipulating with water alone. 

This weeks techniques can be used really in any mixed media painting not limited to just encaustic. 

For the resist I used the same tjanting tool used in last weeks project. Not a huge stretch really as that is what it is used for in batik to add a wax resist to the fabric. 

For the remove I used a simple Clorox bleach pen from the grocery store. I love the caramel tone this leaves behind on the paper . 

Here are the supplies I used this week . If you purchase the items through the link listed here for Amazon ,I can potentially earn a couple of cents commission back. The prices are not raised in any way and is the same price I paid for the items on my Prime when I ordered them. This allows me  to bring you quality videos of the latest tools, and continue to  develop  techniques for you on Wax on Wednesdays when you order here and I thank you : )

ooh and thank you Janet for reminding me ! Here are the pipettes I use for all sorts of things from ink to an acrylic pour ;)

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