New Painting Adventures !

Happy New Year to you !
For 2018 I am making a commitment to explore a bit outside of my comfort zone with watercolor . I have have dabbled but not practiced. Collected but not committed . 
So here is something fun for us in 2018! 

 I love dabbling with watercolor and gouache and have wanted to push further to explore with this medium but of course time gets away from all of us . In 2018 I am dedicating one of my "one a day warmups" when I arrive at the studio to a quick doodle in watercolor /gouache. 

The reasons for this will be first and foremost to explore awesome color ! 
I am a firm believer that color can improve and effect our mood . Those of us that feel that deep down yearning every day to apply paint to anything know what I am talking about  

2. To further explore the all of the characteristics of watercolor and gouache . 

3 to improve , to get better, by the only way possible PRACTICE. 

4. To have a whole lot of fun !!!! Won't you join me ?

 I have created a new Instagram for this as not to confuse my encaustic work on Sharireplogle_studios Instagram, and will post one short video on youtube a week as well. I am calling it "Doodle A Day With Me ". 
Why Doodle ? 
The word doodle to me implies fun and is not something intimidating . It implies practice , repetition . A doodle also implies exploration and trying new things which to me is always exciting ! 

So won't you come and "Doodle With Me " in 2018? 

My brand new just now posted Instagram is 

I will post a new doodle in watercolor or short video every day for 2018. I will list my supplies etc in each post .
If you join in the fun make sure to put #doodleadaywithme so everyone who joins in can see each others posts ! 

I will still finish my favorites in encaustic of course !

I think each week I will stick with one brand of watercolor and possibly a theme and see where the week and the colors in that palette will take me . I have started this week with a little abstract forest landscapes . The 2 palettes I used this week were Prima Confections Decadent Pies which Miss Reagan got for me for Christmas, and the Jane Davenport Bright Palette. Who would't love the little travel tins these both come in ! So far I have absolutely loved the colors in both palettes, but found them to be a little tricky transparency wise . I found they behave a little  like a gouache where they are more opaque , but love love the colors in both . I also like using them together because the Jane Davenports are a little brighter than I would normally use, and the decadent pies are much more subdued and neutral . Together I have found some beautiful mixes :) 
I will list the supplies I used below. 

Supplies I used this week: 


Warm wishes and a very happy 2018 to you !

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