Wax on Wednesdays Encaustic Painting Fun Simple Landscapes

 These are some really fun and simple landscapes done in watercolor .
 I highly recommend working on several at a time 
working quick and loosely for some exciting play . You will be surprised how fun they really are ! 
 For twice the fun ! 
 I added a layer of luminous encaustic wax to them and was then able to add color, re-color, and scrape and incise back into the wax to create some fun textures. 

Supplies I used this week : 
I like using this Amazon link because it allows you to see photos of the exact items I used. If you purchase them using the links provided to Amazon, I may earn a few cents in commission from it. This does not  raise your price at all and this is the very same price I paid for the item on my Prime :) It does help a little bit in allowing  me to continue to research products for you and bring quality videos each week on Wax on Wednesdays  , so thank you !

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

Would you like to join the Wax on Wednesdays Project group in 2018? We would love for you to join us ! Details for the group

All new workshop
"Encausticology Wax and Symbolism "
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Workshop begins February 12 !
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Blessings to you ,

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