Wax on Wednesdays Photo Encaustic !

 To me photos and encaustic are a perfect match . 
Photographs can be given an encaustic finish that lends a soft dreamy quality . 
They can also be completely altered or remastered with encaustic paint , soft pastels, or oil pigment sticks. You can add layers of creamy encaustic wax, scrape back, highlight , coverup , re paint. The possibilities are endless !

This week I wanted to mount some of the photos that  I recently took at the beach . A few I left virtually unaltered with just a lovely dreamy encaustic finish and some dry brushing highlights here and there. Others I completely repainted or recolored after adding the encaustic medium with Panpastels. 

Supplies I used this week :

I like using this Amazon link because it allows you to see photos of the exact items I used. If you purchase them using the links provided to Amazon, I may earn a few cents in commission from it. This does not  raise your price in any way and this is the very same price I paid for the item on my Prime :) It does help a little bit in allowing  me to continue to research products for you and bring quality videos each week on Wax on Wednesdays  , so Thank You so much for helping !

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Doodle A Day With Me ! 

Over on n my other new Instagram this week @doodleadaywithme I am going with the theme of loose florals this week  . The perky blooms make me smile when I am surrounded with all of this snow . 

My commitment is to a doodle a day everyday for 2018 . This year I am defining a "doodle" for this challenge  as a warm up when you come into your creative space to loosen up and get your creative juices flowing. For me , I am limiting each doodle to 20 minutes total and all of them will be in watercolor.
My goal is to expand my knowledge of this medium over the course of the year and really get to know watercolor. 
                                               You can join in with me any time this year !
 Get on Instagram and #doodleadaywithme when you post your doodles ! Or @doodleadaywithme when you post. I would love to see and like your doodles ! 

Here are the supplies I am using this week for #doodleadaywithme

Wax on Wednesdays Photo Encaustic !

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