Wax on Wednesdays Adding Stencils to Your Encaustic Surface!

Stencils are a fun way to add some pattern and mark making to your encaustic painting. 

When I am using a stencil I usually do not use the entire stencil at once. I am looking to add small hints of mark and pattern randomly throughout the painting. Using a small corner , or a favorite part of the stencil and possibly turning it in different directions to create variation in my marks. 

This week I am showing how to add a stencil with both soft pastels and oil paint sticks. Both work equally well , and should be fused into the encaustic surface after adding. 

The supplies I used this week :

Here are the stencils I used from Stencil Girl Website:

Just a few more days until the new workshop begins ! 

This all new and exciting addition to the Encausticology series of workshops is an exciting  journey into 3D Encaustic Sculpture . 
You can still sign up to join us 

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

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