Wax on Wednesdays More Finger Painting with Loose Color Pop Florals !

I love painting loose florals with loads of color throughout. 

Layer by layer building color and contrast , always finger painting to keep
 it very loose and prevent me from overworking it in the process. 
I have painted this way for so long that sometimes I forget it may look peculiar to someone
else, using  no brushes almost ever with the exception of the application of the wax. 

Supplies I used this week:

Encausticology Wax and Symbolism week 6 !
You can jump in and join any of the Encausticology series of 
workshops at any time with forever access. Each workshop is self paced 
and full of projects and techniques !
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Upcoming live workshop

Encaustic Monotypes 
Plaza Art Cincinnati 
May 13, 21018
This workshop introduces the exciting techniques of creating   encaustic mono types with wax and pigments on a heated surface! Workshop open to artists of all skill levels. Learn how to create one of a kind prints with molten beeswax ,oils,  inks and other media directly on the heated surface . Students will have an overview of equipment , materials, tools, supplies,  safe setup tips, paper types,  create stacks of prints and create a printed  rice paper scroll in this workshop. Learn multiple  techniques and tips for successful printmaking, and then moving on to layering ,color mixing , and masking techniques.  Discover fun tools that you can use and create yourself for this encaustic mono type process .  All supplies and substrates  provided .Seating very limited sign up early.  Small group environment provides for  ample discussion of techniques, use of heated palettes, and individual guidance. Sunday May 13 , 11-4pm , Plaza Art Store in Cincinnati Kenwood location. 
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If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel

Blessings, and happy creating !

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