Wax on Wednesdays Cold Wax Painting Series #7

This week some fun with wet on wet abstract florals in oil
and cold wax !

 Supplies I used this week : 
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"Moving! The Paint and You "
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Workshop begins Sept 10 , 2018

I am super excited to share this new online workshop with you !
If you have taken my workshops in the past or watched Wax on Wednesdays on Youtube,
you are aware that I am HUGE on getting in and warming up with paint in the studio each morning.

So often we walk in to our creative spaces and clean , tidy, organize , read, watch youtube , instagram, Facebook , looking or waiting to be inspired . I am a huge proponent of your biggest source of inspiration coming from within you .

The only way to make this happen is for you to paint !

"Moving the Paint and You" gets you into your creative environment and taking action ! Moving the paint, your brain, and your body. Fun exercises in LOTS of fun mediums to get your artist brain craving more.

We will be working in:

cold wax
water color

and more !

We will paint BIG and small, using fun items from around your house or studio or the local dollar store and change it up each day using multiple mediums in fun combinations. You will never get bored ! Each day will also include fun inspirational quotes , and motivations to get you started painting.

Let's just say I like to think outside the box when it comes to my warmups, because I think it helps your brain:
release creative blocks
relax and let the creative process happen without the judgment shadow over your shoulder
jump starts and avalanche of new ideas !

Don't stop there! All of these exercises can be carried on after the initial warmup and carried through to a finished painting or incorporated into a larger work. And I will give you ideas for them as we move along.

What you will receive:

Intro video to supplies and techniques, and my movement theories on how to keep you inspired to paint everyday !
One warm up video each day for 30 days
full classroom with inspirational quotes and motivations to keep you Moving and PAINTING .

Lifetime access to videos and classroom so that you can refer back as often as you like even if your most inspired time is 2 in the morning :)

Private Facebook Group for sharing , and questions.

This is a process I have worked on for many years myself and in live workshops. Now you can have 30 exciting different exercises to choose from and solid techniques and practices to keep yourself and your paint motivating and moving each day forever !

NEW CLASSROOMS ! I have just begun moving of all of my courses to a new classroom format that is SO EASY to log in and begin creating !

Still forever access, still lots of videos with step by step instruction.

This workshop begins on Sept 10.

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"Cold Wax Journal Journey"
Come with me on a journey into cold wax and paper ! 
In this workshop we will be exploring with cold wax techniques on a variety of artist papers.

EARLY BIRD SALE NOW THROUGH JULY 20 ONLY! 25% Off registration price . YES! This workshop can be included in the "BUY ONE GET SOME SALE" ! 

Exciting techniques using cold wax and :

mono types
mark making and more !

working with :
oil paint
cold wax
dry pigments and more !

Once we have a large collection of fun and interesting cold wax techniques on paper acquired we will create a beautiful handmade journal to house them !

This workshop begins on November 6, 2018.

Full supply list will be sent out on Oct 1 so that you can gather your art goodies before we begin.

NEW CLASSROOMS ! I have just begun moving of all of my courses to a new classroom format that is SO EASY to log in and begin creating ! 

Still forever access, still lots of videos with step by step instruction. 
Click HERE to Register 
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