Wax on Wednesdays Cold Wax Summer Fun #5 and New Workshop Sale !

This week I decided to create some textures with 
stencils and "Dry Dex" spackle. It is pink in color when applied but
dries white. It  claimed that it would not shrink or crack , needs no 
priming , and is porous. 
I like the dry time indicator , although I did leave it 
alone for a while even after it turned white
to make sure that it was dry all the way through 
my fairly thick layer . My own test is to simply put
my thumb nail in the thickest area and  if I cannot make an
indentation it is dry . 

Supplies I used this week : 
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The stencils I used were from stencil girl 

I couldn't find the exact second stencil but it is similar to this one 

New Workshops !

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"Moving ! The Paint and You"

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Cold Wax Journal Journey
Early Bird Registration Sale 
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Happy Creating !

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