Happy Wax on Wednesdays Falling Leaves

Happy Wax on Wednesdays !

Now that everything is turning into the beautiful colors of fall,  
 I thought it would be fun to create beautiful  Fall leaves  impressed into the wax surface. 
This works the best if you use green leaves that have not yet turned and dried . (much easier to get them back out of the wax ! :)

After they leave their impression in the wax surface , it can be colored and blended into any color palette  you like with Panpastels . 

Make sure an place the leaf vein side down when you impress it into the encaustic wax for the best impression. 

Here are the supplies I used this week: 

Below are just a few photos of the newest workshop "Moving! The Paint and You " This workshop has a full 30 days of painting warmups in every medium! When I come into the studio I like to do a timed warmup to loosen up, explore color , expand my mark making vocabulary, and technique library .  I have amassed a huge arsenal of these fun warmups in all mediums over the years and in this workshop I share an entire  months worth with you ! I also include tips to build on for future warm-ups in your creative space. Once you purchase any of the online workshops you have forever access and can enjoy the videos  24/7 .  If you would like to see the details for this workshop  you can go to the website workshop page
 Moving with  Encaustic
 Moving with Cold Wax
Moving Go Big !
Moving Go Big !
Moving go Bigger ! 

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click

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