Wax on Wednesdays Encaustic Painting Adding Dramatic Textures !

Adding dramatic textures in encaustic can be quite fun and 
can be achieved with a wide variety of homemade tools
and household odds and ends. 
Today's textures are from dollar store shelf liner and an inexpensive 
rubber trivet that has become one of my favorite mark, pattern,
and texture making finds ! 

Mix different textures for a more dramatic affect! 
In todays video I show how to add dramatic texture affects and then 
blend them together while fusing for a more cohesive look. 

Top that off with a fun tree line toner transfer and you have a 
fairly quick and fun landscape !

Supplies I used this week :
Each week I list the supplies I used in the video here on the blog for you so that you can see and easily find the items used for that week's  technique . 
If you purchase items from the links provided it sometimes generates a few cents in commission  which goes right back in to creating videos for you on the youtube channel. It  does not raise the cost for you in any way, and is the same link you would find on a regular amazon prime search . Thank you ahead for you support of Wax on Wednesdays in any way ! Also , although the photos here can help you easily find the product . I also recommend that you look at your local art /hobby store to make sure you are getting the lowest price. Sometimes with weekly 40% off coupons basic items can be found at a better price. 
If you are receiving this blog post via email click on the live link to the post so that you can view the supply links . 
Happy Creating !

The model of my Samsung laser printer has now been updated . I am listing the newer model here. My model is the c410w if you happen to come across it :)

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Happy Creating !

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