Wax on Wednesdays Mark Making Part 3 India Inks

Happy Wax on Wednesdays !

This is week 3 of the mark making on encaustic surface series. 
Today using this Kemper Fluid writer to create some marks with India ink. 
It looks just like a tjanting tool but says that it is made for fluid pigments such as inks , and acrylic, and china paint. 

I am always looking for tools both conventional and otherwise to
create interesting and especially fine lines on the encaustic 
surface . 
This tool claimed that it would not run or leak and would in fact hold
the liquid pigment (inks , acrylics , etc ) until it was touched to 
the substrate. 
Well, that is usually fine on an absorbent paper but what 
about on a non porous encaustic surface ? 

The big challenges with writing tools are the non porous surface
are beading from the inks or other pigments, and fluidity in the line
while on the wax. 

This tool was used on completely cooled boards that 
had not been heated in a few days. However their will
still be some build up of wax on the nib which 
will have to be cleaned off with a paper towel and possibly
the enclosed needle for unclogging included with the tool. 

Overall I was quite happy with the tool , and am looking forward
to using it on some larger pieces. 

Supplies I used this week : 

Each week I list the supplies I used in the video here on the blog for you so that you can see and easily find the items used for that week's  technique . 
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