It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas

Well I have finally got a chance to do a little decorating. I feel a little better about it now. My son came home from college and didn't think it was at all as Christmas-y as it should be (we just barely got some ornaments put up on the tree before he arrived home!) And there are still no cookies. Normally I start baking at the beginning of November. I freeze the dough ,unfrosted cookies etc. and by mid Dec. I literally have around 66 dozen cookies! That is not including what I have scooted aside for my family to eat, and keep at bay, so they don't break into the main stash! I usually do between 35-40 baskets for friends, family , teachers, husband's employees, etc. I have had so many orders and shows ( which has been truly so wonderful) that I have not baked more than a batch here and there that my family has quickly snatched up and eaten. I tease my best friend every year that I will be celebrating Orthadox Christmas which is January 6th and bides me a little more time. This year it may just come true! It won't be 66 dozen but at lease I feel I am caught up enough to make it more Christmas-y for my family and I can work on the gifts I will send to my family in California, and Texas. (post office says they need to be out by the 20th for Priority Mail) I'd better get started!

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