Today's goings on, and Broken China Jewelry Workshop News

The computer and I definately have an ongoing love hate relationship .
Today it almost lost out. It found itself in luck that the trash man , recycle guy, wasn't due to come by.
I do love that through the computer , I am able to see all of the wonderful images people post. I love that so many of them are vintage in nature, or just created completely by hand.
These are two things that stand in stark contrast to this heap of mass produced wires and motherboards. (sneak peek at my article in Belle Armoire Jewelry summer issue pg 122-124)

Handmade with love,care, and detail. Made with love care and detail 100 years ago. All of this I am able to look at and enjoy, and sometimes even able to purchase , on this mass produced mach
ine. You can also meet people who share the same passions. Across the country, or even across the globe. Wonderful people that would have never found you without this contraption.

I am not quite sure why I cannot approach the computer with the same amount of patience as when I am making something .
When I am trying a new process, tool, or chemical I have not yet used ,( I often say I have enough different chemicals now to probably make a bomb! LOL .
Just kidding : ), I probably just triggered a lot of bad stuff with that word. ) Oh well, we mad scientist/ mixed media artists understand. Anyhow, if I make a mistake , or the outcome isn't what I wanted, I go back to the drawing board and try again. Sometimes , not all is lost, and I can take a different direction with the mistake that was made.
However, when it comes to the computer I become impatient. Why so many processes, steps, and so many ways to the wrong outcome? Type send , Type send, that's what I would like. No disconnections, server interruptions, accidental closings, cannot complete task, file not found.
I can spend a solid week with no sleep on a project , or a month on something else going back from time to time , but if I cannot type something and cut and paste from one document to another in an hour my brain is fried. I often call 16 year old in, (my computer "guru" ) and just say, "Please just make it do this ", like it just wanted to be disobedient somehow to spite me.
Oh well, without it I know I would be lost.
Lost without all the beautiful blogs , and web sites, and Flickr (I do not even want to know what a Twitter is so don't tell me). My house might be cleaner, and my studio more organized , and everything would run like effiecient clockwork around the house, but what's the fun in that really?
Our relationship will go on , and I will try to be better and more patient on my end of it.
But, there better not be any funny business! (funny business)

On a completely different note....

3D Shadow Box House Pendant

I am excited to let you know that I will be teaching 2 workshops at the Pasadena Bead and Design Show this summer.

July 30- August 2

Vintage Broken China Jewelry Necklace Workshop

You can sign up to join me for these workshops on the Staffordshire Garden Designs website, or call 859-801-6622. Email at .
We're going to have a whole lot of fun!

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