Jun 26, 2010

Part Two ~Mad Hatter Tea Party ~Down the Rabbit Hole

Oh my,
now a crowd has formed . Where in the world
is that Hatter?

The White rabbit has kept a vigilant lookout for our guest of honor all afternoon!

I think he has spotted something , or someone...
I think I see something but I can't quite make
it out over all o
f those tea steeping tea pots.

Finally the Hatter has arrived. Apparently he could not decide on proper attire for such an occasion as this.Yes, yes, now everyone take their places at the table and the White Rabbit will pour out.
By the way Hatter, did you bring the gifts for our friends?
Oh good , I am so glad that you had not forgotten.

Giveaway Alert

He has brought out new designs from the studio

"For the Love of Alice" pendants.

And, one of them will be in our giveaway in honor of the Hatter's tea party!

It will be the winners choice of the 3 designs .
They will also be listed in my Etsy shop hopefully by tomorrow evening .

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post. I will draw the winner
on Thursday at the stroke of Midnight.
Thank you so much for joining me friends , for the Hatter's Tea Party.
For those inquiring after Mr. White Rabbit , he has been spoken for today, and will be hopping off to his new rabbit hole soon.
If you have not yet seen the first part to this tea party, you can visit by clicking here:

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and also don't forget to visit all of the other tea parties hosted by
Vanessa of Fanciful Twist
Until next time...


  1. Enchanting!!! Love the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter charlottes - so unique!!!

  2. Fabulous pendants! And that Mad Hatter is also fabulous...lucky someone getting him :).

  3. Your Mad Hatter is delightful!!! Gorgeous rabbit too.....love your take on the tea party!!!
    Margaret B

  4. I love the way the Hatter looks in that black tea cup. The pendant are very unique and I would love to win.
    Thank you,

  5. Utterly delightful! Thanks so very much for having me over for Mad Tea. I so enjoyed myself. Your White Rabbit is adorable! And your Alice is such a cutie. (tell the Mad Hatter that I think he looked positively dapper in what he was wearing...would you do that for me?)Anyway, if you get the chance, please come and visit me for some more Mad Tea, in the Secret Enchanted Forest at:

  6. Wonderful Party! I had a delightful time. The pendants are lovely and who wouldn't want to be picked? Pick me!

    Thanks for having me! Happy Tea Partying!

  7. Wow the whole party was magical and sweet , love it. I so sorry I missed it Wendy Ar blissangels

  8. That little rabbit is sooo cute!!!

  9. What a wonderful story! Loved it! And your pendants are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this land of wonder with us and thank for coming to my Mad Tea Party as well.

  10. You are so very creative!!! Love your storytelling. :)

    Please accept my invitation to my tea party at http://julieannshahin.blogspot.com/2010/06/if-i-had-world-of-my-own-everything.html

    julie ann shahin
    Mad Tea Party 2010

  11. So cute and full of whimsy! And those pendants...love them.

  12. Totally delightful as always. I adore your little dolls. The tea parties (Both Part 1 & 2) were enchanting from start to finish. Thank you for having me!
    Hope you'll have time to stop by for a cup of tea with me. ~ Sarah

  13. So glad I was able to make it to your lovely tea party! Beautiful pictures!

  14. My oh my what a beautiful display of yummyness. So glad I stopped by. I'm off to check out your shop.

  15. just attended a mad hatter tea party a few weeks ago on Guemes Island, WA.. what fun to see another one. they never get old just reinvented and yours was delightful.

  16. Hi Shari,
    What a magnificent party you hosted!!!! It was truly a gift. And the giveaway-oh, I so want to win.

  17. EEk it sparkled when i clicked on "comment" how adorable is that?
    ALMOST as adorable as that Mad Hatter, who i think dressed rather dashingly in his purple attire and oh so cute hat!!

    your pendants are charming, i enjoyed both parts 1 & 2!

    A very merry unbirthday to you!

  18. Wonderful tea party - Thank you! Love the photos and teh guests! Won't you join us for tea at our
    Mad Tea Party - Fairy Tale


  19. I am just waifting through all the magic here...Your pendants are beautiful!

    I do believe I will go back for another spot of tea and more sweets...I am not counting calories today at your party...lol


  20. Delightful Hatter! Like those charlottes and your adorable giveaway also :)

  21. Oh MY! What gorgeous pendants! Your Mad Hatter and white Rabbit are amazing and too wonderful!

  22. What a wonderful tea party! I had so much fun! I would love to be included in your drawing for the lovely pendant. Please put my name in the hatter's hat.
    Also I would love it if you came to my tea party and enjoyed a spot of tea with my little characters. anaboocreationsbysylvia.blogspot.com
    Hope to see you there!

  23. Just wonderful, incredible creations.

    I'm quite enchanted with the new necklaces.


  24. Oh what beautiful pendants, was a wonderful giveaway. I love all your beautiful creations. Love your post. Love your rabbit and Mad Hatter. Have a wonderful week and thank you for the opportunity to win. Terri

  25. Ah, in true Wonderland fashion - I did visit your lovely tea party backwards! It was truly enchanting. Thank you for the offer of a lovely dor-prize. And thank you for sitting a spell with me at my tea party...I am ever so sorry that I was so fashionably late! Theresa aka The White Queen

  26. Wonderfully inspired dolls and pendants, and a beautiful tea party, too of course. Thank you for inviting!

  27. OH MY WORD!!!!! I ADORE THEM!!! Of course i always LOVE your work. Now I want to make something Alic-y but it won't be as amazing as yours. Thanx for making me smile! Kelli Hansen

  28. Such a fun story for the Tea Party!
    I had so much fun visiting - Thank you for letting me stop by!



  29. I love the white rabbit and the mad hatter. What a great idea to bring new life to poor little frozen charlotte dolls. You are very talented!!!

  30. How sweet! I would love to win one of those gorgeous pendants.

    I just rented the movie and watched it with my kids (hubby was not interested). I loved the movie!

    The Mad Hatter is fabulous!


  31. I had a delightful time visting your tea party! All the decorations and trinkets were divine!

  32. What a wonderful tea party! I loved the adventure, thanks so much for visiting me! Riki

  33. Magical, wonderful fun! Thankyou so much for having me...those little pendants are gorgeous x

  34. Hurray, the Hatter arrived! What a fun party, I loved seeing all of the guests in their finery! And a giveaway to boot, how fun! Thanks for the invite! :D

  35. love the tea party! Your photography is stunning. I would loe to enter in your giveaway:)

  36. I just love those pendants. You have many wonderful things and you are so creative. Everything is wonderful.

  37. What a smashing, dashing, bash you have thrown. I adore your white rabbit doll and your mad hatter doll, you did a simply fabulous job! And your pendants are gorgeous, I'm loving the mad hatter one just because he's my favorite! Thanks for the fun!

  38. Oh, how adorable! I am so glad to make your acquaintance, and I want to thank your hatter for making the cute prize available for a drawing. How very kind!

    I would love it if you would have tea with me as well...


    Sheila :-)

  39. You really made them come to life. I think they are both wonderful and the pendants would be lovely to have one.



  40. What a beautiful party, and I love that Mad Hatter!! Those keys are just stunning, thank you so much for the opportunity to win one! :) ~Lauren

  41. What amazing pendants! And such a lovely tea party!
    Please feel free to stop by my own party and giveaway as well:
    All the best!

  42. What a wonderfully mad tea party and great photos!

    Please stop by my blog if you fancy a cuppa and a slice of the Queen of Hearts’ Strawberry Tart…

  43. Hello everyone!
    I'm a big fan of your artwork, your artwork is inspiring and for that I'm inviting you and your friends to become part of LOVE THAT BLOG! Networking Club, where you can MAXIMIZE your exposure and conect with other Fabulous and Creative people such as yourselves. Hope to see you soon and keep up the good job! Love your blog!!!

  44. Love your tea party!


  45. I am so, so, glad I had the opportunity to catch up in my reader today! I don't know how I missed your tea party! Well, I guess I do...there were about a jillion parties and I tried my best to make as many as I could but...whew, I'm just so happy that fate still brought me back to yours! So lovely, magical, fanciful and with such sophistication (as always). Where on earth did you find those darling dollies? Well, if you have a chance, make a trip down the rabbit hole and visit my tea party at Rook No. 17 for a nip of my Mad Hatter cocktail. Cheers! Jenn

  46. This post just made my day. The pendants are wonderful. But the dolls just made me so happy. the whole post will keep me smiling all day. thanks for sharing.

  47. I love your post. The dollies made my day, the pendants are wonderful and very creative with the keys. The dolls will keep me smiling all day long as I am teaching Fairy Camp to a group of 5 to year old girls.

  48. Such a delightful party ! We had an amazing time here!
    We've been partying for a whole week !!! Come, you might like some of our treats!


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