So Good to be Back Home

Columbus Country Living Fair

Me and Kecia who stopped by for a visit.

Country Living Fair South Atlanta Georgia was a little more.....Nature -y!
Machine that gives you money smack dab in the middle of the forest?....... Priceless!!!

It feels incredible to be home and not feel like I have to pack right away again!
Both Country Living Fairs were very exciting, wonderful, and fun.
But, I have to admit my head was still spinning for a few days after I returned.

Wonderful, wonderful, Paula

This last trip to Country Living Magazine Fair South, was an 8 hour road trip adventure for me by myself !
I wasn't too nervous about the drive at all, and pretty excited about my adventure.
I just hoped the trailer full of goodies stayed where it was supposed to, hooked to the back of the suv!

My friend Paula flew from Boston and met me there
in Atlanta. On our last night there,we got our Cheese Cake Factory Fix on, and she took me to Cafe Intermezzo for
So Good!
Thank you Atlanta, and Paula!

This oh so cute trio were wearing my Vintage German doll leg necklaces .
They are so fun!

Out from the studio , vintage Christmas and holiday treasures are beginning to emerge....

Angel Folk Art Tree Doll made from 1930s Dick and Jane primers, and my favorite hand painted antique German doll heads.
Each Angel Tree is hand painted muslin. They are all adorned with vintage trims, laces, ribbons,buttons,and 1920s silver tinsel.

Available later today on my Etsy

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