Snow Day ART

Snow Day Art...

We have had a LOT of snow days lately. Many (or all it feels like forever) of those days were under 2o degrees, and one of them was -3. Reagan loves to play in the snow, but I don't let her out for long periods when it is that cold. We don't watch tv during the week, or much at all really, and mommy "working" down in the studio is very boring, sooo
Mommy playi
ng with Reagan down in the studio is much better!
We are currently hand making canvas journals.
This is a sneaky peak of one of t
he pages .
We hand sewed them together.
I will show the progress on Reagan's journal on the next post as she is still "priming" some of her pages.

Today is a "work" day as the snow is finally melting a bit, and everyone is in school. I played hooky just for a wee moment to share with you.
Hope everyone is having a fun filled and "artfull" January :)

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