Artiscape was so much fun, and I have several photos of wonderful ladies working hard, and creating absolutely beautiful pieces in the workshops. I truly enjoyed seeing each one of these ladies pieces evolve into these wonderful works of art, and we had such a good time. We had full houses in both workshops , so I will post the Paris Journal workshop photos today and post the photos of the button fairy bracelet class tomorrow to fit them all in. Unfortunately while I was there, I caught some sort of nasty bug, and then lost my voice! At first I thought it was just projecting my voice over all of our creative busy work (hammering, and filing away :) , but it turned out to be a little more than that. Luckily it didn't really turn bad until after my last workshop was finished. I pushed through it quickly . You just gotta do what you gotta do :), and I am on the mend now I think, and can hear a little bit of my voice today through all the high squeaks LOL. The vendor fair on Sunday was fun as well , and I got to see what some of the wonderful things people created in the other workshops, and I enjoyed that alot. The vendor fair was very small but charming. There were actually only seven of us at the vendor fair , and it was in a very pretty old "Topiary Gatehouse" with gardens in the back. I wish I had some photos of that to show as well. (afterthoughts). I loved seeing all of the beautiful creations the other ladies brought! And, met some very nice people, even though I was so embarrassed that I could only let out this horrible squeak when I spoke!
Well that brings me to my other news. Here it has been a while since we have had a good giveaway, and I just past my 150th post! So, I think some fun is definitely in order. Don't you? Tomorrow, I will post all the details of these giveaway goodies , with a game in order of course! I will be giving away some fun vintage supplies to create with, that I have acquired and want to share with you, and also a finished piece that I hope you will like. Finally, (promise , I know this is a long one) I have some goodies left from the vendor fair and will be having a web sale on the same day I draw the winners for the giveaways. Since Sunday is Easter, I will be posting all of this on Tuesday April 26th. And , I will give more details tomorrow when I post the what the goodies for the giveaway are.
Until tomorrow then!
Blessings ,

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