Here I am!

Here I Am!
Yes, here I am . I said July and here it is August 5! I had a wonderful summer enjoying my family . My wonderful Mother in Law came to us from California in June, My Dad came from California to be with us in Florida , where we got our Disney "fix" on for the year , and also took on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal . (The Butter Beer is AWESOME! :)We had Reagan's 10th birthday at a beautiful cabin in the Smokey Mountians, which was a first for us. The hiking was absolutely gorgeous! Sadly, do to a glitch in my computer I think all of the photos are lost for that trip! My last adventure this summer was a trip to visit my oldest son at the Navy base in Chicago, where he is currently a Navy Seal Candidate. He has a very long way to go , and, I was glad and grateful that I got to see him a couple of times this summer, before he leaves for Coronado California .
"Adventures in Paper Clay Jewelry" workshop at Stampaway Thursday August 11

I also did a whole lot of much needed purging,organizing, and all around catch up, to both house and studio. And, I designed a new workbench area in studio!!! (so excited about that! pics soon) , which I have been patiently waiting , and trying to save up to do for some time.
It was my birthday gift from DH!
I have been planning for so long to keep the metalwork area COMPLETELY away from dolls and painting . They are never stored near each other , but I lacked a separate work bench for them , and now I have one :). Little does DH know that I would like one more just like it for Christmas (to separate the fabric and dolls from painting ), and the studio will be finished! It will be just like going to different "Stations" in kindergarten class (the thought just makes me totally giddy!)

Next week I have 2 workshops at the Stampaway convention in Cincinnati. The Haunted little Houses class is full, but there are a few spaces left in the "Adventures in Paper Clay Jewelry" workshop pictured above. If you would like to join us you can sign up registration form here and see the other workshops being offered here. "Adventures in Paper Clay Jewelry " is Thursday Aug 11, 12:30-3:00pm
If you are already signed up for my workshops , we are going to have
A LOT OF FUN ! See you there :)

Right now on my paint bench:
Child's altered board book project

Right now in my Journal:
"Queen of Her Journey"

On my Metal bench:More Vintage Doll Cuffs in various stages of completion for Country Living Magazine show in Sept (YAY!) I have so much more to share with you , but don't want to overload this post. I am back now, and will be posting here weekly again , so plenty of time to share new things :)
What have you been up to?
Blessings ,

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