New Workshops are Now Available!

Well, we had a whole lot of " Hoopla" going on at Christmas time!
Famlies, weddings, new carpets :) .
In all of the goings on ,
2 of my 150+ year old Staffordshire Tranferware plates in the dining room 
perished in the shuffle of things,
as it were.
I have collected pre 1865 transferware for many years.
certainly no sense in crying over spilt 150 year old Transferware! 
I created this piece from one of the beautiful center focal sections of the plate ,with castles in the backround. 

 The piece features rhinestone rhondels, beautiful Aquamarine stones (these are so yummy), and a lovely
metal Frozen Charlotte! She will be available later tonight in my Etsy store.

And guess what?
I will be teaching one of my broken china jewelry workshops here in the mid west this spring at Artiscape ! Classes just opened up yesterday . Click HERE for the link to the broken china jewelry class :)

And , guess what else?
"Casting Call" Charlottes in Metal
I will also be teaching this class on how to cast metal Frozen Charlottes, and make them gorgeous focal points on this beautiful rosary beaded necklace (above).
This year is going to be so much fun , I am excited to start it off at Artiscape in Columbus Ohio April 12-15

If you have any questions about the 3 workshops I will be teaching at Artiscape please email me at .

Blessings to you,

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