Technology Isn't Always the Best Option

The other night I was headed up to bed , to sketch out some new ideas, and I told my husband how nice it would be it I could do quick sketches on my Iphone ( i LOVE my Iphone).
 "On that little tiny screen?" was his reply (he has a droid ). Well,often I find that I  do not have my notebook with me, and am grabbing for anything to jot ideas down on. In the past, I have been know to use crayon, eye liner , glitter pen, napkins, receipts, and paint samples.  Then, if I don't glue it right away into my journal , it has the potential to get lost in the shuffle. Or , I don't write it down at all,  it still gets lost (in my head! lol).
"Well I am sure that there is an APP for that," he said.
I was determined , and found a very cute one at that!
                                                                WHAT IN THE WORLD? LOL
No matter how you slice it , drawing with your finger on a tiny screen is not easy, or in my case legible ! LOL
After about 3 attempts , I gave up the ship, and came to the conclusion that  a pencil was much more precious that I had previously thought,( and I already think very highly of my pencils :)
My son told me an Apple stylus would solve the issue , but I am afraid I might quickly lose that as well, as there is not a place for it on the phone (to hold it that is).
This was the piece that  the sketch was supposed to be of !! LOL . 

         I think that I had better stick to good old fashioned paper and pencils for now :)
I have just added this piece , and several vintage supply goodies to the Etsy store :)

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