Jan 11, 2012

Technology Isn't Always the Best Option

The other night I was headed up to bed , to sketch out some new ideas, and I told my husband how nice it would be it I could do quick sketches on my Iphone ( i LOVE my Iphone).
 "On that little tiny screen?" was his reply (he has a droid ). Well,often I find that I  do not have my notebook with me, and am grabbing for anything to jot ideas down on. In the past, I have been know to use crayon, eye liner , glitter pen, napkins, receipts, and paint samples.  Then, if I don't glue it right away into my journal , it has the potential to get lost in the shuffle. Or , I don't write it down at all,  it still gets lost (in my head! lol).
"Well I am sure that there is an APP for that," he said.
I was determined , and found a very cute one at that!
                                                                WHAT IN THE WORLD? LOL
No matter how you slice it , drawing with your finger on a tiny screen is not easy, or in my case legible ! LOL
After about 3 attempts , I gave up the ship, and came to the conclusion that  a pencil was much more precious that I had previously thought,( and I already think very highly of my pencils :)
My son told me an Apple stylus would solve the issue , but I am afraid I might quickly lose that as well, as there is not a place for it on the phone (to hold it that is).
This was the piece that  the sketch was supposed to be of !! LOL . 

         I think that I had better stick to good old fashioned paper and pencils for now :)
I have just added this piece , and several vintage supply goodies to the Etsy store :)


  1. How funny! It reminds me of trying to make a picture on an etch-a-sketch. I'm not a techy person anyway, so give me a pencil and I'm good to go.

    The finish piece is just gorgeous! I love the tin type and the lovely color of the metal behind it.

  2. Very pretty! Abd congrats on the wedding. Isn't it funny how those baby boys just turn into men? I'll tell you a seceret... he's still your baby boy... deep down inside! I KNOW THIS FROM EXPERIENCE! Enjoy the ride Momma. Happy New Year!


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