Brand New Online Workshop "Fly" Assemblage Mixed Media Journal

So excited to finally share what I have been working on since Christmas.
My newest online workshop!
 "Fly" Journal Exploration
                                                   And best of all, registration begins Now :)

If you would like to join me for a 6 week fun filled ,
action packed , 
(ok at least technique packed), exploration into 
multiple mediums, journey to create both the interior and exterior of 
this handmade journal, you can register on the "online classes"
page of the blog, or on my Etsy .
 All of the details for the workshop are
posted on both the online classes page of the blog, and  in my etsy store.
Early Registration Sale of 10.00 off for the workshop through March 16. 
Blessings, and have a wonderful weekend :)

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