Just a Couple More Days Until Fly !

 Just up on Etsy, 
a brand new pattern for the etched bullet case findings 
"Tribal sun"

We ladies made a huge mess of fun on Saturday in the 
"Metal Work Madonna " workshop. 
Each piece different and unique.
Wow, such beautiful 
work ladies!!!


 Reagan was snapping away photos for me again in this workshop, while we ladies 
were busy busy at our metal work.
She didn't get everyone's piece photographed, but they were all
Little ms. Instagram herself just before we left for Artiscape Thursday. 

You can still sign up for a chance to win all 4 giveaways 
in my fun "historical " guessing
game on Thursday's Post! 
Just a couple more days until the "Fly " online workshop begins!
See my online classes page for info 

Blessings to you, 

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