Little Bits of Metal Fun on My Table

Well , as promised the Dr gave me another finger available for working, and making,
and general hoopla.
So in the words of Buzz Lightyear
I know not very poetic , 
but unfortunately for me Disney references always pop
into my my head before classic literature .
I have have had my moments of being a little down,
 But quickly tell myself that its finally
all fixed, it just has to get better. And challenge myself to figure out different
ways of doing things.
And then do them!
Usually it works. 
I am excited, and have something  fun planned for the Artiscape vendor night
coming up here in just a few weeks,
and with my new "finger freedom" 
 have been working on all sorts of different findings , beads, charms,
and fun, unique, things to play with!

These beads!
I did these beads with the help of some super fabulous tweezers
 made by 
super fabulous
Tracy DiPiazza.
link to her etsy shop:
I ordered them from her a while back , and have just been oogling
oogling:v.drooling,or chomping at the bit, gleefully anxious 
 to get 
the chance (or enough free fingers lol ) to use them .

This one hurt a little (literally with all the dapping) but I was so 
happy with the results!
 I even love the way they feel.

I have been thinking about these for quite some time
and they finally just had to get out!

Happy Valentines Day!

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