Happy Friday and New Live Workshops Registration Open!

A Happy Friday to you !!
I have a little bit of everything for you today. 

The winter edition of Prims Magazine is out ,
and this little guy is in there ! 
This is one of my favorite magazines.
There is always such awesome cuteness inside . Great photos and eye candy 
for days, to make you smile through the winter chills ! 

Registration is now open for Artiscape 2015 in Columbus Ohio 
This super fun Art Retreat will be April 10-12, 2015

is one of 4 workshops I will be sharing with you 
at Artiscape. This one is Friday April 10 , 12:30-5:30
You can see all of the info here:

"Encaustic Story Telling" 
Love assemblage, vintage, small collections, and telling a story? If you have been wanting to learn the addictive technique of encaustic painting, this class is for you! Learn all of the basics of this medium, including texturing and mark making. Then take it up a notch and learn to embed beautiful treasures in your encaustic painting, all the while creating a story thread that engages your viewer into your entire design. Your completed encaustic assemblage will have a unique story to tell.

This workshop will be Sat April 11 
To see all the info on this workshop click link below:

To see all 50 awesome workshops at this retreat click link below:

Here are a couple more faces for 100 faces project .
I think this #4 and #5

 A quick sketch in one of my handmade journals, 
and a page layout in my Moleskine journal. 
Question for you.
 There will be a new "Wax on Wednesdays" up this coming Wednesday the 28th.
would you like a video on other things as well, 
like how I make one of my simple handmade journals for instance? 
I am trying to keep the Youtube channel as some creative fun and entertaining 
"coffee break " 
type videos around 10 minutes max.
Let me know your input ! 

Blessings to you,

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