Feb 4, 2015

It's Wax on Wednesdays! Very Special Valentine Edition

This week on Wax on Wednesdays a little bit of Valentine assemblage going on in the studio! 
I actually am splitting this Valentine Fiesta up into to weeks , 
with a couple of different projects going on. 
The art of "assembling" 
whether it is an encaustic painting , sculpture, journal , art doll , 
 art to wear etc. , is where I
feel most alive and comfortable .
 Working small collections into a story or pattern.
 Incorporating vintage and recycled ,repurposed, items
that have a history of "existence",  and not something "fresh out
of the package", helps my mind to weave that story when
developing a piece. 

The materials I used for this weeks "Wax on Wednesdays!" are:
3 small masonite boards 
10x20 cradled board
vintage skeleton keys
Paper Clay
R and F encaustic medium
R and F encaustic gesso
titanium white Sennelier oil Paint Stick
also Sennelier Paint sticks in black, burn sienna, and red
Red encausticos Hot Cakes encaustic paint

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Thank you so much for your input ! 

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Blessings ,


  1. Thank you for sharing your tutorial. I xo it !

    1. Hi Nadine!
      Thanks! So glad you are enjoying the videos . Hope you have some fun with them :)))

  2. Hi Shari! I just found your fun and adorable blog! Can't wait to explore some more!


    1. Thanks Kelly, and Welcome!
      Hope that you enjoy :)

  3. I soooooooooooo love this ! You girl are such a huge source of inspiration <3 What is the brand of the alphabet wood mounted rubber stamp you used ? I Never saw this one before ;-) Thanks for the help ^_^ Cheers frome Belgium :P

    1. Hi Sandrine,
      Thank you so much ! I just replied to you on Facebook , but that is a VERY new thing to me ( I know hard to believe) so hopefully I replied correctly and you get it :)
      But, the stamp I am pretty sure is "Stampabilities" brand . It is a few years old now but I am pretty sure they still make it.

      Yes! Encausticology is a great place to begin and it has all of the how to's on set up , supplies, etc. + TONS of techniques on imagery and encaustics , step by step, lots of fun , I am sure you will have fun :)
      Let me know if you have any other questions.


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