Encaustic Workshop Pics, and Some Updates!

Wow, I just got unpacked, and now am packing again this time for Country Living Fair in Nashville TN.
Ms. Paula and I got one special morning together before
 I have to leave, and she goes back home to Boston. 

We didn't get to take any pictures together at Artiscape because there
was just too much going on. You can tell by our smiles that we have just had a lovely breakfast and took a little trip to the Art store for a mini haul :)
We had sort of a whirlwind weekend , so I am grateful we got to spend a lovely morning together just bestie to bestie , and also very grateful for all of her help this weekend!

Every time I look through  these workshop photos I am overwhelmed  by all of the creative awesomeness and beautiful souls that were in all 4 of my workshops at Artiscape .  
These next 2 workshops were the Encaustic and assemblage Doll , and "Encaustic Story Telling " workshops . 

The dolls were assembled from copper and antique tin types .
Attached to shadow boxes created with encaustic with vintage and found objects to tell each dolls story.
Take a look at these awesome girlies!

In the "Encaustic Story Telling" workshop, everyone  began with the exact same 
color pallet , substrate , and medium, and all of these beautiful paintings tell a 
completely different wonderful  story created by each  artist.

Everyone had their own stories to tell in these 2 workshops, and I am so glad 
that I could share in this experience of watching this beautiful art come to life !

Now Something New From Me  ! 

Honestly, I am just excited that I finally got to finish a few projects that have been lingering in studio limbo with everything going on lately .  
This is  series of encaustic assemblage pieces .
Some of the boxes have been  constructed by hand , others are found . 
"The Race Was On " original encaustic assemblage 
 I will try to get some photos of the others before I leave. The weather was not cooperating at all for nice photos today (yesterday ). 
These  will be on their way  to Nashville TN Country Living Fair this weekend in just a few hours.

If you are planning to attend the Country Living Fair, please stop by and say HI!


I realized I did not give an end date to the Giveaway drawing ! 
After I gave it some thought , I decided that Mothers Day would be the perfect day to announce the winners!!!

Also,  I will most likely add something else into the giveaway pot when I get back from TN.
Because I LOVE Giveaways ! 

Feel free to add your name in the hat until Saturday May 9,at midnight , and keep watching to see if what I add to the giveaway pot ! 
Here is a link for the giveaway post if you missed it:
And, don't forget I will add your name to the hat a 2nd and 3rd time if you subscribe to the Youtube channel ( or are already a subscriber), or post about the Encausticology workshop on FB , blog , pinterest, ( and whatever else is out there in cyber world  just let me know in your comment :)
Since I did not have time to make a post over the weekend, I am extending a day, and making  today the
  Official last day 
Early BirdSpecial Price of 55.00
After today the price will be the regular workshop price of 65.00. 

Blessings, and have a wonderful week!

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