May 18, 2015

On My Table Today


Just 12 more days until "Encausticology " Workshop Begins! 
I thought I would show you what is currently on my work table, and how they originated. 


 this is the same photo!

 The wonderfully fun  thing is I could continue to paint this same photo 20 times and have it look 
completely different every time! 

 No Photoshop here!
Just  paints, pastels, 
and wonderful layers of Encaustic. 
Building up the layers , and scraping back to reveal previous ones.


Nothing against the digital magic of Photoshop of course. 
But, there is something to the touch , feel, texture, and smell, of encaustics ,and 
using your hands to create, that fills with satisfaction, and keeps the exploration an exciting process! 

Sound like fun? 
You can join me for a 
full image exploration journey in

online workshop.

 You can see all of the details, and register
 for the workshop on the "online workshop page" of the blog , or in my Etsy Shop .

Blessings to you, 


  1. I can't wait!! How exciting!! Beautiful photos that you have transformed Sheri! And your sweet girl is the perfect model! ")

    1. Thank you so much Jackie! She did enjoy that I made her Cinderella :)

  2. Wonderful, creative pictures. How talented you are.... quite interesting!!!. Beautiful pictures


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