Wax on Wednesdays ! Intuitive Encaustic Painting Process

 This week Wax on Wednesdays is devoted to painting using intuition.
Webster's Dictionary defines "Intuitive" :

 having the ability to know or understand things without any proof or evidence : having or characterized by intuition
: based on or agreeing with what is known or understood without any proof or evidence : known or understood by intuition
: agreeing with what seems naturally right

How does that transfer to painting? 
Consider these possibilities: 
No Limits, Endless Possibilities, Endless exploration

Freeing yourself to explore,  and seeing what will happen.

Focusing on the" journey" of where the painting 
is taking you, and not on a pre set  destination.

Trusting yourself and following your creative soul.

If you are already an encaustic painter or have worked with encaustic , 
you have already experienced
this to some degree no matter what style you are in, 
do to the nature of encaustic itself.
My mad scientist mind loves
 the manipulation of media , color , texture , and
 constantly asking the question. What if ……..

The other wonderful thing about intuitive painting is that it does
 not have a "look" or a "style" or a "rule".
  No one is saying you can, 
or cannot, have a figure, shape , color scheme , involved.
It is all you. 
It is painting what your soul tells you to paint.

some encaustic paints made in the studio. 

Supplies used this week are:
Plain copy paper
steel plate
hot plate
oil paint sticks
encaustic medium ( R and f)
oil pastels
india ink
graphite crayon
encaustic paints (handmade)
heat gun
"Yes" glue ( mounting)
birch cradled boards
brayer (mounting) 
water colors

These began as mono prints on an anodized aluminum plate set on the hot plate. 
From there their journey continued with watercolors, inks, oil sticks, oil pastels ,graphite , more texture ,  contrasting colors, and mounting .  

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Blessings , and happy creating !

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