Wax on Wednesdays Encaustic Coloring Pages !

We have been super busy creating in the "Encausticology Paper Journey " online workshop ! This first week concentrated on encaustic monotypes, and this week we will be creating a handmade journal for all of our wonderful prints. This is a little warm up exercise created from the clean up of all of those great monotype pulls. 
When using your heated palette to mix paint colors or create encaustic monotypes , it is such a shame to let lovely excess pigmented wax go to waste! I find that even as I am attempting to clean the surface with a paper towel beautiful mark making is created , and I must attempt to capture those images! 
 I often soak up the excess wax with regular copy paper from the printer. 
They have fascinating marks and patterns that I just can't let go to waste. 
But what to do with them ? 
I create encaustic coloring pages ! 

These coloring pages are a perfect warm up exercise for when I step into the studio in the morning to start getting some color play going, and it really makes those wax blots and patterns pop !

Details for "Encasuticology Paper Journey workshop?
Click HERE for details.

Supplies I used this week :
copy paper
encaustic medium pigmented
heated palette
water color paints
paper towel or brush
If you would like to see the video directly on the youtube channel click 

Live Workshop News !

Artiscape Workshops are Now Open for Registration !
Columbus Ohio 
Embassy Suites 
April 27-30
50+ awesome workshops spanning most mediums ! 
Get ready for a journey and adventure into freeing your mind , and flexing you creative muscles in exploring the completely magical effects of encaustic and paper! Free yourself creatively, and allow yourself to express your emotion through intuitiveness, color and encaustic! Hot plate monotypes, hand painting , no brush painting, building layers of color, infusing the wax and rich pigments into gorgeous papers. No encaustic experience necessary, just bring your creative spirit, a positive attitude and get ready to create beautiful wax infused papers.
click on the photo for registration details. 

"Our House"
 encaustic sculpture workshop. 
Create an encaustic house sculpture in a very unique and fun way, and then adorn it with beautiful encaustic paints and papers. Then create a beautiful journal for your house sculpture filled with encaustic papers you have painted by hand . Click on the photos for registration details and to register for the workshop. 

Photo Encaustic Imagery Live Workshop
March 25, 2017 
Marcos Paper 
Dayton Ohio 

 In this workshop explore all sorts of ways to add and transfer imagery onto encaustic.
Use your own snapshots or fun vintage photos. We will be enhancing , altering ,and creating beautiful imagery with encaustic . 

Hosted by the lovely ladies at "White Iris Arts"
click here for registration details

Blessings to you ,

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