Wax on Wednesdays Enhancing Rice Paper Paintings with Stencil Girl Stencils and Pan Pastels

I am back from Artiscape Artist Gathering 2017 !
What a wild and fun weekend this was .
It went by so quickly like a flash .
I had 3 workshops and 2 shows.
The following photos are from the Friday workshop "Our House " encaustic sculpture and journal workshop .  I will be posting the other 2 workshops next Wednesday.
In this workshop we created encaustic sculptures and tiny journals filled with our encaustic mono types that we did both on the hot plate and on the Gel Press plates with R and F paint sticks .
 Each and every one turned out so special and amazing !
 These ladies went right to work on creating encaustic wonders.

Some of the yummy prints that were pulled from the Gel Press Plate and then waxed on the heated surface !

What a super group of artistic souls  this was ! My favorite and most exciting part is watching what emerges from everyones creative hands . 

Wax on Wednesdays !

This week for Wax on Wednesdays I did some painting directly on the heated palette with R and F encaustic medium and some of my handcrafted encaustic paints I make in the studio. 
I love adding abstract marks and interesting elements to the composition and found the perfect opportunity for this with some Stencil Girl Stencils in all sorts of wonderful abstract patterns. Mary Beth of Stencil Girl happened to be next to me at the market show at Artiscape and I discovered that the stencils come in all sorts of wonderful abstract patterns , I could easily get addicted now ! 
This week I added them with Pan Pastels , and india inks . I loved the way I was able to incorporate the stencils and then blend them back out as much as I wanted with the Pan Pastels adding additional layers to the painting . 
Once I was finished , I laid them back on the heated palette to give them a final fuse. 

Supplies I used this week :
Some of the following links are affiliate links where I may receive a few cents back if you purchase them from Amazon. I am using it both as an easy way for you to find the products( or at least see what they look like )  and hopefully a way to continue to bring you weekly videos with new techniques and products :) 

this kit has the sepia, but not the "copper plate "
plus it was just a good price for 12 of them :) 

                                              this or this    

Stencil girl Stencils; stencilgirlproducts.com
"organic roots "3

"circles circles"

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

My next live workshop will be June 17 at Plaza Art in Cincinnati Kenwood location. You can see the details and register for the workshop 

Blessings to you ,

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