Wax on Wednesdays From Fluid to Texture !

Lots of fun this weekend at the live "Intro to Encaustic" workshop at Plaza Art Cincinnati Kenwood center ! 
 We always get so busy in the workshops that I forget to get my camera out !
 I managed to remember a couple times and get a few shots in at least. I thought I had more but it may be on my other camera . If so I will post them in next weeks post. 

some  walnut ink warm ups
 Lots of fun fluid painting ! 

We had a full day of encaustic exploration and fun . 

So much fun with this group ! 

If you are looking to dive in to exploring the world of encaustic art or seeking to expand your technique library 
begins on Sept 21 and Early Bird registration is on sale now through June 30 . 
for details and to register for the early bird sale price. 

 Just some of this weeks fluid painting  work. I will be posting much more about this in a surprise for you on Friday ! 

 Have been exploring lots of different methods and having so much fun with finding my own way through fluid painting in both encaustic and acrylic mediums , and  will have a special acrylic fluid painting video for you on Friday"s post stay tuned ! 

 This week started out to be an encaustic  fluid painting project and turned in to a piece with some really cool texture and dimension. 
 Wax on Wednesdays Project Group on FB opened June 7 ! 
If you would like to join us at any time click  
for details and registration while it is still on sale for just 24.99 price for a year subscription ! 

This weeks supplies I used :


If you would like to view the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

Blessings and Happy Creating !

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