Wax on Wednesdays Happy Holiday Encaustic and Glass Ornaments !

This week some big fun with glass ornaments from the craft store. 
It seems as though it is getting harder to find these glass ornaments with the huge influx of plastic ones on the store  shelves  in the last couple of years. As I posted on Instagram last week, when I was a girl my Mother and I used to bleach the old ornaments that were flaking paint etc and then swirl in the old Apple Barrel or Deco Acrylic Paints inside .  

Fond memories of this led me to the desire to see what would happen with encaustic and it was a fun journey to be sure. 

The ornaments can be just lightly fused with a little heat and the original beautiful random patterns kept, or a little more heat can be added for another exciting journey and another complete or partial metamorphosis can take place ! 

Supplies I used This week : 

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a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you ! 

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