Happy Wax on Wednesdays with a Bonus Stencilgirl Encaustic Video !

Happy Wax on Wednesdays ! 

Todays video is a 12x12 abstract landscape really playing with color , light , and dark. To add a bit of fun in the horizon line , I am adding some laser print copies of trees . 

Toner based images are needed for this type of image transfer onto the encaustic surface. I have a Samsung laser printer that has worked wonderfully for me for the last few years for this purpose. 

If you are going to a copy center to print out your images , the older the copy machine the better . 

Unfortunately ink jet prints will not work for this technique. This is because the toner based images leave the ink on top of the surface of the  paper making it easy to transfer that ink off of the paper and onto another surface such as encaustic . The ink jet embeds the ink into the sheet of paper. 

Tools I used This week:

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click

Surprise Bonus to Share !

This week we have a bonus video !
StencilGirl® asked me to do a video a while back and I was excited because what could be more fun than encaustic and stencils ! I do work with Stencilgirl stencils when I am working with encaustic because they are pretty durable and can withstand a bit of heat (which is good when cleaning the wax off )  . 

I also work stencils into my paintings as background marks , and patterns, and even to add textures.  Because these stencils are all designed  by different artists I  find that there are a lot of stencils in the line that fit the bill as just what I need  . The kind that you can use all 4 corners of the same stencil and get a completely different variation , and result . That is my kind of tool . 

You can check out the video for  StencilGirl® on the Stencil talk blog blog by following the link 

series of online encaustic painting workshops available on sharireplogle.com
and https://shari-replogle-studios.teachable.com 

Happy Creating ! 

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