Dec 7, 2012

6 Day of Christmas Vintage Doll Ornament

 At one point , I began making these 
 for ornaments for our tree. 
Then at some point during the process, 
I came to the conclusion that after "dressing them up"
and  all of the hand stictching, that there
was no way I would get the 30-40 or so done just for our tree,
before Santa Came down the chimney :)

 This little ornie sits nicely on a shelf , 
or can hang on a large branch of a tree, or pretty door knob decor,
sitting at approx     7 3/4 " tall. 

It is made from osnaburg, and
vintage pink ticking fabric, vintage lace
buttons, and some fun vintage style
calicos. And, of course a vintage
frozen Charlotte Doll!
will be posted at 8 in my Etsy store!

Todays Doll

Todays doll will be a little late,
ok a lot o bit late.
This week has finally caught up with me ,
and ran right past me!
 I am behind. I need to do some ,packaging,
and shipping,
and general catch up.  Soooooo,

If you can bare with me , I will post the preview
for tonight's doll at 730 pm just before it goes live at
8pm. Eastern Time.

This is not the doll that will be up tonight :)
This was a doll that I created as a special gift for Reagan,
for when I got home from Atlanta. We had been making prim
little monster dolls together, and this one was a larger one
that I had done in her favorite colors .  I  just thought I would
share her with you :)
 As you can see,
she is not willing to give her up!

Dec 6, 2012

12 Doll Days of Christmas Day 5, How About Some Doll Jewelry?

 Today, for my jewelry loving friends,
 I am featuring one of my vintage lace cuff bracelets
with a cast metal charlotte doll!

The cuff has a sturdy brass base, and is completely
hand sewn with many layers of beautiful laces and trims, and seed beading.
It has an underlining of vintage wool felt, for a very soft
comfortable feel when you wear it.
 The metal charlotte doll was cast by me
right here in the studio.
She will be available at 8pm tonight
in my Etsy Store :)

Dec 5, 2012

All of the dolls are hustle and bustle this morning in the studio!
Ms Shari caught  a couple of close ups of me for you as a
sneek peek for tonight!
My name is Lucy.
I am a cloth bunny made from antique 
Ms. Shari sketches out a pattern , and then cuts me
out of old tea towels, table runners etc. 
She sews me all together, adds some weight 
in my tummy so that I sit and pose very 
nicley , stuffs me, and then hand paints me with many 
layers for a nice leathery feel. She then ages me , and puts 
adds a finish coat for protection. 
I have hand made and hand painted collar, vintage button trim, and beatuitul
vintage pink ticking pattern cloth arms. Oh, and pretty pink calico fabric trim in
my ears.
I am a prim style bunny, and have been aged to resemble a 
vintage toy. 
I am also completely one of a kind artist  doll!
I will be available (with more photos) tonight at 8pm eastern time

Don't forget to sighn up for Ms Shari's first giveaway this week on yesterdays post!
Bye, Bye

Dec 4, 2012

3rd Doll of Christmas Bella and Giveaway!

My name is Bella
My favorite things are my tutu,
dancing, and pink sugar.
 I am handmade from salvaged vintage linens
like antique table runners, and tea towels.
 Miss Shari draws me out in a pattern
and then cuts me out of the old linens
and sews me all together. 

Then she paints
on many layers by hand giving me 
an old leather like  feel. 
My tutu is made from an old 1950's 
wedding veil , and trimmed in pink satin.
I have string and button jointed arms.
Thank you:)
I will be available for adoption at 8pm Eastern time
Oh, yes Miss Shari also wants me to tell you that ...  

she is having 

                A Giveaway!

This is a necklace made from an antique Frozen Charlotte doll.
It has an etched brass top hat and a little vintage bling .

Simply leave a comment on this post for 
a chance to win 
this Charlotte necklace,
and a bottle of  magic Fairy Dust :)

Miss Shari will draw a winner on the 
12th doll day of Christmas!
Bye for now

Dec 3, 2012

Interesting Morning, Day 2 of 12 Dolls of Christmas

I apologize for the delay. It was a very interesting morning.
I decided to go for an early run after dropping the girls off at school, and when I arrived home , my garage door spring had broken, so my control wouldn't work, and I was locked out!
Tried multiple things with no avail. So was forced to call hubby who works an hour away north of Cincinnati. He couldn't come right away , so there I sat, sweaty, waterless, and all together not looking at all my best lol. Just lucky is was so warm today , and not the 20 something it was last week in the mornings !

 He came as soon as he could , and I am happy to say here is Day 2 of 12 Dolls of Christmas :)))


 Hi !
It's me Orville.
Today is my special day for 12 Dolls of Christmas.
 I am made from genuine German Mohair, and have
antique ticking fabric for the inside of my ears, and foot pads. 
I am 3 way cotter pin jointed , so my head and arms can move.

I love my jingle bell buttons,
and I always wear my 1940s doll hat , even though 
it is a missing a few stitches now in back. 
 I am stuffed with good old fashioned wood wool, and 
weighted in my tummy and feet so I have a nice vintage feel. Ms. Shari 
spent a lot of time aging me, and giving me a worn appearance
 in all of the right places ,to look like a well loved antique .

 Adopted , Thank you!
I will be available for adoption at 8pm Eastern time tonight 
Bye till then!

Dec 2, 2012

12 Dolls of Christmas is Here! "Annabelle"

Good morning . My name is Annabelle. 
I am excited to be the very first doll up for adoption on the 
12 dolls of Christmas!
Miss Shari took lots and lots of photos
to see, while I introduce myself to you :)
I live in a really pretty antique beaded purse.
the fringe is gone at the bottom and the last row or two of beads, but 
I don't mind at all. Miss Shari added some really pretty old crystal prisms
to the bottom of my purse so it looks really pretty when I hang on the wall.
I can come out whenever I want.
I can stand with some assistance.
 i can probably  fit in your hand at about
6" tall and I wear a really pretty pale blue doll dress from the 
1930s with light pink satin trim.
 I am a traditional fully cotter jointed bear, so I 
can sit and pose very nicely.

 I am Cinnamon colored genuine  German Mohair. 
Miss Shari spends a lot of time aging me in all the right places
to look like I am 100 year old well worn bear.
 I come with my Victorian purse home ,so you can hang me 
up , or keep me out ,which ever you like.

 I have to go for  now, but ...
Psst : I will be available for adoption 
to a very special home
at exactly 8pm Eastern tonight!